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Virtual Cloud Servers — configure, order and get down to business.

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Locate your virtual cloud server in one of our state-of-the-art datacenters in North America and Europe.
Specify the number of CPU cores. Additional cores are essential for processor-intensive applications.
Specify the amount of RAM. Additional memory generally improves server performance and enables more processes to run concurrently. If in doubt, consult your operating system and application documentation to estimate the amount you need.
Specify the amount of disk storage. Total disk capacity should be enough for your own data storage needs, plus the operating system and applications. Consult your software documentation if necessary.
The currency selected is based on datacenter selected.
Monthly* cost

Welcome to the Peer 1 On Demand Cloud Platform™, where the power's in your hands. Simply fill out the form above to provision Virtual Cloud Servers in just a few moments, and then gain access to them within minutes.

Switch on and off. Scale up, or down.

With Virtual Cloud Servers you can scale capacity up when you need it, keep it for just as long as you want, and pay only for what you use. Once provisioned, you can control your solution from an intuitive and fully automated interface.

Virtual Cloud Servers are ideal as:

  • Platform for agile growth: flexible and scalable yet risk-free, with no long-term commitments
  • Introduction to cloud: platform to cost-effective experiment with more efficient operational models
  • Customer engagement tool: improve the customer experience and drive greater loyalty
  • Development environments: create a range of high-performance hosting platforms, but without the hassle of multiple contracts
  • Resources to transform your IT balance sheet: opex-based, utility billing model
  • Components of True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solutions: integrate seamlessly with Bare Metal Cloud Servers for more powerful solutions

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The On Demand Cloud Platform™ means you can provision Virtual Cloud Servers in just a few moments. Complete the form above to set up your server infrastructure, and start using it within minutes. Click 'Live Chat' for Peer 1 help and support at any time.

Up and running in an instant. No contract, no capex, no delay.

  • Ideal solution for many challenges: all you need is a credit card and you can provision Virtual Cloud Servers that are ideal for almost anything—from development and testing, to staging and final production
  • Configure your servers in an instant: we'll make sure they're fully configured to your exact requirements so you can get straight down to business
  • Scale the platform with your business: ramp your server capacity up or down at any time, depending on your needs, and pay only for what you use

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The Peer 1 On Demand Cloud Platform™ is a highly robust, tried and tested, enterprise-grade platform, with strong SLAs, enabling your business to cost-effectively provision powerful Virtual Cloud Server capacity, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Whatever the application, Virtual Cloud Servers offer strong benefits.

Whether deployed on their own, or as part of a True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solution with Bare Metal Cloud Servers, Virtual Cloud Servers deliver the following benefits:

  • Time-saving, single, web-based management portal
  • Flexible range of operating systems
  • Peace of mind with Peer 1’s iron-clad security
  • Maximum uptime, with round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring
  • Strong data security with rapid data backup
  • Secure connectivity with private VLAN and site-to-site VPN
  • Fantastic value for money with hourly, resource-based billing

It’s easy and quick to provision powerful solutions — all you need is a credit card. Simply complete the form above to get started.

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Deliver complex True Native Hybrid Cloud™ solutions by combining Virtual Cloud Servers with databases and other applications running on Bare Metal Cloud Servers.

Build your ideal environment.

Peer 1 Virtual Cloud Servers deliver the power and flexibility you need, and all from a highly robust, tried and tested, enterprise-grade platform, with strong SLAs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Most popular operating systems
  • Powerful applications and databases, including MySQL
  • Load balancing options
  • Secure, multi-tenant firewalls
  • High-speed backup
  • Rapid Rescue and Reload
  • Advanced Brocade switching fabric
  • Combine with Bare Metal Cloud Servers. Click here >>

It's easy to deploy highly complex solutions quickly, and then increase capacity, or scale servers back whenever you like — all you need is a credit card.

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