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General legal matters

Privacy policy

Cogeco Peer 1's Privacy policy governs how Cogeco Peer 1 collects, stores and uses information gathered through this website.

Cookie policy

Find out how and why we use cookies on the Cogeco Peer 1 website in our Cookie policy.

Copyright notice

The contents of this website are copyright 2014 Cogeco Peer 1 (UK) Ltd.. All rights reserved.

Trademark notices

Cogeco Peer 1, the Cogeco Peer 1 logo and certain other marks in this website are the trademarks, trade names and service marks of Cogeco Peer 1. Any use of such marks without the prior written consent of Cogeco Peer 1 is prohibited. Other trademarks and logos are the property of the parties to whom they are attributed.

Telephone monitoring

To ensure Cogeco Peer 1's customers receive quality service, Cogeco Peer 1 randomly selects phone calls for monitoring. These calls, between Cogeco Peer 1's customers and employees, are evaluated by supervisors. This is to guarantee that prompt, consistent assistance and accurate information is delivered in a professional manner.

Policy on third party legal process

Cogeco Peer 1 takes the privacy and security of its customers seriously.  It is Cogeco Peer 1's policy to respond only to validly issued subpoenas and other legal processes properly served on Cogeco Peer 1 or its subsidiaries with regards to access to information, documents or other business records. Third parties wishing to serve such process on Cogeco Peer 1 may do so in writing through Cogeco Peer 1's Legal Department. Cogeco Peer 1 will evaluate each such request based upon the applicable law and facts.

An administrative fee of GB£75 (or an equivalent administration fee in the applicable jurisdiction) will be charged for each request to cover Cogeco Peer 1's fees and expenses in responding to the request. Cogeco Peer 1 may require the requesting party to pay the applicable hourly rate for requests that require significant engineering or technical support. Cogeco Peer 1 may also charge additional amounts for requests that require substantial photocopying, third party charges or other expenses.

Cogeco Peer 1 expressly reserves any rights under applicable law in connection with its receipt, evaluation and any response to, any third party requests or legal process.

Links to third party services

This website may contain links to certain applications, services or websites offered by third parties ("Third Party Services"). Cogeco Peer 1 is only an information provider and not a referral service, and Cogeco Peer 1 does not recommend or endorse any of these Third Party Services, or monitor or have any control over the Third Party Services. Cogeco Peer 1 makes no guarantee, representation or warranty of any kind as to the quality, competency, accuracy, currency or completeness of any Third Party Services. You assume full responsibility for your use of the Third Party Services.

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